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Reducing heat loss in buildings saves most of the heating costs. Currently, everywhere in Europe, the construction of new houses or the reconstruction of previously built houses, aimed at maximizing their energy efficiency. Therefore, special attention is paid to the good quality and high quality insulation of the exterior walls of buildings, as well as to modern facade insulation technologies.

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So when you have to isolate a small object, for example a separate dwelling house, the company’s specialists prepare and coordinate the project with the client. The drawings are provided to the client. You can choose the type of insulation and finishing materials, the color of the facade and so on. All building insulation projects are based in a particular country on the requirements of a particular place.

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In a two-level frame system, MD HOUSES specialists install two-layer thermal insulation, non-combustible universal stone wool is used for the lower layer

PAROC ® eXtra ™ panels – equipped with a PAROC ® WAS 25t non-combustible windproof layer.

PAROC ® WAS35t or PAROC ® Cortex ™ panels are high performance panels with a special waterproof and vapor proof coating, but practically airtight. As a result, buildings with such insulation are safer in case of fire.

MD HOUSES offers complete solutions for the insulation of facades, which reinforce the tightness of the wall in critical places – angles, edges, joints between panels.