Adaptation of typical residential projects

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All of these benefits are guaranteed by MDHOUSES production and construction technology.


When a client chooses a typical project, it starts with the selection of a lot in accordance with the existing conditions. Basically, the project is chosen based on site configuration, size and terrain properties, existing communications or actual installation possibilities.

All this is evaluated by professional architects and coordinated for the convenience of their clients.

It is advisable to change the layout of a typical home because by reducing or increasing the settings, you can choose the design and finish options for the home. The architects, who coordinate the project, provide the client with a 3D model of the house at 1:50 scale. This helps to dispel the doubts of the results, you can imagine in advance what the house will look like. At the final stage, the house’s coordinated project protects against misunderstandings during construction, ensuring mutual understanding between the client and the representative of the MD HOUSES building company.