Typical house HYGGE 160 m2 – 432 m2

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Typical house HYGGE

The total area of ​​160 m 2 to 432 m2.

Translated from the Danish word “hygge” means what you will have happiness, comfort and security. The HYGGE residential building provides daily comfort for those in need of privacy. Open to nature, a modern and comfortable house. Although the HYGGE project is designed for flat terrain, it can also be moved to high mountains.


Info about a HYGGE residential building:

  •  Total area – from 160 m 2 to 427 m2;
  • Stage – 1;
  • Number of rooms – from 2 to 4;
  • Number of bathrooms – 2;
  • Main wall structures – wooden frame, insulated wall panels;
  • High temperature resistant windows and doors;
  • Internal heating – floor, radiators and air conditioners.
  • Estimated price from CHF 770,000


  1. A typical HYGGE project can be built based on customer feedback and preferences.
  2. The house can also be isolated according to the needs of the region or place where it is located.
  3. The final price of the house depends on the chosen finishing materials, engineering solutions, the complexity of the equipment, as well as the complexity and conditions of transportation of the object and other costs.