Balcony installation

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Balcony installation

In everyone’s life, a balcony is a place that has so many positives. Without leaving the building, you can breathe fresh air, relax or chat with colleagues, drink coffee, read books, chat over the phone or just watch the outside world. In addition, a nicely furnished and flowery balcony is always transformed into a decoration of any building. The balconies are different, but in our opinion it’s better to order metal.MD HOUSES proceeds with the installation of balconies in accordance with the prior order provided by clients, with the exception of those included in the list of cultural heritage objects. Here, it is necessary to keep the old air of the building.


The main features of closed balconies:

  • stable construction;
  • easy to select dimensions;
  • ability to unify items as needed;
  • quick installation work;
  • strong welded links between the elements;
  • long service;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • resistance to corrosion and weather due to powder coating;
  • possibility of glazing;
  • various design solutions.