Metallic stairs

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MD HOUSE performs all work related to the installation of stairs of welded metal elements. According to the individual orders the internal and external stairs are developed, manufactured and assembled by specialists of the company. Metal stairs are easy to adapt and install in old and modern homes.

Compared to others, ladders made of welded metal elements have a number of important advantages:

  • Dimensions of the stairs can be easily adapted to the design of the room;
  • Various options for stair configuration;
  • Long-term service of a ladder without repair;
  • Durable metal welding connections;
  • Stable and safe construction;

According to your request, the metal stairs can be equipped with different steps and railings. The steps can be made of wood. When installing an outdoor ladder, great attention is paid to the safety of operation. It is therefore recommended to choose profiled sheet metal anti-slip steps with metal railings, which are extremely resistant to the effects of temperature variations and corrosion. The ladders can be equipped with individual wooden railings or other elements according to the customer’s request.Most importantly, the MD HOUSES specialists are responsible for the quality of the installation of the stairs from the beginning to the final result.