Sauna instaliation

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Construction and installation is one of the long-term activities of MD HOUSES. The team has gained a lot of experience and theoretical and practical skills. The company offers various solutions for the construction and installation of bathtubs that can fully meet the expectations of customers.

MD HOUSES specialists can easily assemble and install Russian and Finnish steam rooms, although their parameters are completely different: the Russian bath is maintained at a temperature of 60 ° C to 80 ° C and a relative humidity of the air of 40% to 50%. Finnish bath – 90 ° C to 120 ° C and 15% to 20% relative humidity. They guarantee that all construction and assembly work on the sauna will be of high quality and carried out professionally in strict compliance with fire safety standards and the requirements of the European Union.The best building materials, modern construction solutions, high-quality technical equipment and workmanship, selected by professionals, guarantee the safety of saunas and their proper functioning. As a result, the company provides a long-term quality guarantee for all work performed.

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Various model projects are presented to MD HOUSES customers. The steam rooms of different sizes, configurations and number of rooms, exterior and interior design, decoration, equipment, type of sauna stove. Typical sauna constructions can vary in number of floors.

Guests can choose from four options for the location of the stove in the sauna:

1) when parallel surfaces (in deck chairs) are installed on a wall;

2) when laying a terrace of right angle (in deck chairs) at the intersection of the walls;

3) when a right angular and ergonomically bent right angle shelf (in deck chairs) is located at the intersection of the walls;

4) When there are lounge chairs at right angles to the walls and the stove is located in the corner between them.


The big consideration is given to choosing the appropriate stove, taking into account the room area, height, benches, layout, ventilation system, air flow direction, layout of doors, the desired temperature and relative humidity.In the steam room for interior decoration, the materials are only suitable for special wood. In such a room, you can feel comfortable, it is also very important to choose the right view. The wood varies in resistance to deformation of moisture and temperature, density and softness of the surface, aroma, color tone, etc.

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MD HOUSES offers you to choose wall decoration and decoration materials (chaise longue) among the best wood species:

  • Aspen
  • Alder
  • Canadian red cedar,
  • Radiant pine.


The employees of MD HOUSES always take into account the wishes and needs of the customers and are always ready to adapt a typical sauna project to the needs of each one, as far as possible.