Sauna MD3

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SAUNA MD3 is similar to the SAUNA MD2 sauna, but the planning is different and the walls are thicker. It is an isolated building with wooden walls and a gabled roof covered with a metal tile. Under this roof there is a door and a terrace of considerable size. This terrace can be used for comfortable communication, meals, a table and for a relaxing holiday with a book, without fear of rain.


Other info about SAUNA MD3:

  • building length – 6.0 m, width – 4.5 m;
  • height – 3.6 m;
  • total wall thickness – 138 mm (with 50 mm thermal insulation);
  • base – concrete or screws;
  • floors – of wood, painted or varnished;
  • shower and toilet;
  • the estimated price is 34,000 CHF.